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is a contemporary, digital art gallery. Digital in two senses: specializes in digital art and provides a living digital platform to collect artwokrs online.

In MyMuseum  we, Tünde and Veronika, are devoted to organise museum-quality shows of young artists’ digital works  - mostly from the fields of video art, photography and installation art - and provide talented artists and curators with space for experiments fostering them to cooperate and test the boundaries of existing genres.

We believe in the democratization of art, and not only the limited, yet multiple editions of artworks, but also technology makes it possible for us to reach out for art lovers. Through your MyMuseum account you are able to browse among artworks, follow your favourite artists and create your own collections online for free. In addition, we have developed a digital frame equipped with WIFI, which enables you to see the desired work in your own home easily. HUN

Supported by Széchenyi 2020 with 3.333.000 HUF, which amount covers 100% of the starting asset including technological development and marketing costs. The funded phase of the project ends on the 31st of December, 2017. ID number: VEKOP-8.3.1-16-2016-00008.Benficiary: Veronika Szendrő. Project tile: MyMuseum.