Anna Rubi

       Postcards from the East  Series: Heroes' Square, 2014


The artist was born (1988) and is currently living in Budapest. Having graduated from the Zürich University of Arts with a major in t ransdisciplinary art (MA), she has been collaborating with many international artists, and created a wide range of video works, which are often installative. Her works have been exhibited at international art events for instance the London Biennale. Rubi's videos demonstrate a strong critical attitude and social sensitivity.

Date of birth: 20th September 1988

Place of birth: Budapest, Hungary

Currently lives and works in Budapest, Hungary


2013-2015 Zürich University of the Arts (MA) transdisciplinarity in the arts

2010-2013 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (BA) media design


2016 -  FKSE - Studio of Young Artists’ Association member

2016 Z+ Transdiciplinary Fund and Showroom awardee

2013- 2015 Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship in the Arts

2015 Z+ Transdiciplinary Fund and Showroom awardee

2014 Freedom Express Educational Campaign organized by the ENRS to explore the collapse of communism in Central and Eastern Europe (participant as video artist)

2014 GoShort International Short Film Festival Talent Campus
(participant as filmmaker)

2012 Seed, dance film (13min), director, Loikka Dance film Fest, Tanz Film Fest Luzern silver prize (CH9


2018 MIA International Photography and moving image art fair - Milan (ITA)

2017 Stop the music! groupshow participation, MyMuseum Budapest (HUN)

2017 Invisibly, shortiflm (32 min), costume design, official selection of Cannes (FR)

2017 The last day of the empire, shortfilm (14 min), writer and director
RÖFI audience award, Daazo festival distribution award (Friss Hús Shortfilm Festival) (HUN)

2016 Homebase, interactive dance theatre- installation, co-director
partners: Tellabor, National Dance Theatre Budapest (HUN)

2016 London Biennale Manila Pollination participation (GB)
The past that we didn’t know we had, video
Forever Royalties, video 

2016 Forever Royalties, video installation, (CH)
“Pain of the others” groupshow participation, Z+ fund Zürich

2016 Postcards from the East, video installation
“Unbalanced forces” group show participation, Labor Gallery Budapest (HUN)

2015 We have all the time in the world, video installation, Doing Nothing Festival Zürich (CH)

2014-2016 Addis in motion, participatory art project, main organiser, concept
part of UNESCO participation programme, Addis Ababa Ethiopa (EE)

2014-2015 Newflower web-documentary project (45 min), main organiser, camera, editing

2014 Postcards from the East, video series Freedom Express blog entries

2014 The past that we didn’t know we had, video installation,
“What we see and make seen” group show participation, Baerengasse Museum, Zürich (CH)

2014 Box of Homes, photo-video installation, solo exhibition, Rotehaus Zürich (CH)

2014 BUEK, collaborative documentary film (70min), episode director

2013 Make ma a fan, video, Youg Creative Chevrolet competition 2nd prize

2012 Garden, audiovisual dance performance (45min), performer and animation
partners: Exlex,Tellabor, Mu Theatre Budapest (HUN)


2017 - TASZ (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union) video crew

2017 Prometheus ballet show promotion, photo and digital artist

2017 Lolita ballet show promotion, photo and digital artist

2017 Teaching “Social in the arts” seminar, Engame Academy

2016 Woody Wood performance, promotional video

2016 Environmentalist campaign, animation, Filmworks, HAND

2015 Zwei Kunstsammler und drei Künstler in ihrem Leben, documentary short film

Jozo Palkovits production, camera and editing

2012 All eyes on, video spots for VIVA TV, director

2011 Play it again Arthur! Dance performance Jewish Summer Festival, visual and animation


2015 Trans-late booklet, concept, illustration
in cooperation with Simon Berz and Alfred Voster

We Have All the Time in the World Series:  As Time Goes By, 2015

Postcards from the East  Series: Mokotow Prison, 2014

The Past We Didn't Know We Had, 2014