Isabel Val

Pincérnő, 2016


I experience photography as a game where the rules are based on experimentation,  mistakes and surprises. It's also the best way I have found to understand everything that surrounds me, no matter if it has a human shape or a landscape one. Through my photographs, I can break any conceptual distance, I can solve all these personal doubts that make me feel uncomfortable: the contrast between intimacy and exposure, between reality and fiction, between everyday life and the extraordinary.

Date of Birth:  19th August 1988
Place of Birth:  Barcelona
Currently living and working in Budapest
2012  Conservation and Organization of Photographic Collections - Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain)
2008/11  Artistic Photography and Visual Arts - EASD Serra i Abella, L'Hospitalet, Spain
2006/08  Media Production - EMAV, Barcelona 
2016  Art and Gender - University of Melbourne, Australia (certificate)
2015  Creativity for Photographers - Pati Llimona, Barcelona, Spain (completed course)
2014  Antique Tecniques and Alternative Photographic Processes - Pati Llimona, Barcelona, Spain 
(completed course)
2013  Liquid Photographic Emulsion Workshop - Espai Nag, Barcelona, Spain 
(completed course)
2014  Vibraciones, Revela-T Festival (Vilassar de Dalt, SP)
2016  Invisibles, Fòrum Fotogràfic Can Basté (Barcelona, SP)
2016  Light and Sound Show, Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (Barcelona, SP)
2015  Inicis, Barcelona Visions (Barcelona, SP)
2015  Ciudades, Lacolect (Madrid, SP)


Vibraciones 5, 2011

Újpesti Áruház, 2016

Formas 1, 2016