Veronika Szendrő

Personal Prayer, 2014


The topic of my videos are mainy conceptual. My intention is to find the roots of  transcendency. I examine different kinds of religions and the first spiritual rituals of humanity. I research the cognitive abilities of the human brain and examine the process of perception while experiencing sacred phenomena. The essence of my researches creates the topics of my art pieces.  I create video installations as well.

Place of Birth: Szeged, Hungary
Date of Birth:  16.08.1990.
Currently living and working in Budapest


2016-  Szellemkép Photo School, Budapest, Hungary 
2010-2015  University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts Sculpture Department, Pécs, Hungary
2013  Universtiy Exchange program Nazareth College Faculty of Arts, Rochester, New York, USA


2018 MIA International Photography and moving image art fair - Milan (ITA)

2018  Groping in the Dark - MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN)

2017 Outside the Box - MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN)

2017  Artzond konceptual video festival, Saint Petersburg (RU)

2016  One Phase, more component - MUSZI, Budapest (HUN)
2015   Stockholm Fringe Festival - Studio 44, Stockholm, (SWE)
2015   Art Market Budapest  2015 - Millenaris Cultural Center, Budapest (HUN)
2015   Inside Out - Ani Monár Gallery, Budapest, (HUN)
2015   Degree show - M21 Gallery, Pecs, (HUN)
2015   Selfs - Nador Gallery, Pecs, (HUN)
2014   Art Market Budapest 2014- Millenaris Cultural Center, Budapest (HUN)
2013   Oh, Good Lord - Jackson Junge Gallery, Chicago, IL (USA)
2013   Student Showcase - Gallery of the Arts and Cultural Council, Rochester, NY (USA)
2013   aLIVE Urban Art Show - Vibe Gallery, London (UK)
2012   First Steps - House of Arts, Pecs (HUN)

At the Beginning of the end's Beginning, 2017

The Origin of Art, 2016

The Paradox of Dreaming, 2014