The video installation leads through the life stories of the artist's great-grandmother, grandmother and great-aunt. Using recurring motifs, the work reconstructs the individual destinies of the three women. Although separated from each other by different epochs, regimes and national borders, they are linked with each other by formative life events and places. Besides war, flight and womanhood, it is above all the Danube, Central Europe's great mother river, that places their destinies in an imagined and a real connection. Change and recurrence, two essential qualities of the river, also characterise the non- linear narration of the work. It tells of the cyclical process in the emergence and experience of formative events, their passing on through memory and their eventual repetition.

(The price refers to the whole installation with three video pieces)

TITLE:  Maria Josefin Margarete
ARTIST:  Om Bori
DURATION:  505 sec
DATE:  2019
  • installation