The Lights of Budapest wants to contrast past and present, and through presenting the faded beauty of neon signs set against an optimistic background, exposes the simple promises socialism could not deliver. Throughout most of the 20th century, neon lights were signs of progress and modernity – and behind the Iron Curtain, the illusion of those. Fixed upon the crumbling facades of the once magnificent buildings of post-war Budapest, neon lights beamed banal advertisements and socialist propaganda. Regardless of their message, socialist era neon lights have various historical, artistic, townscaping, even some „archeological” value, and some evoke a nostalgia for plain, direct ads lacking complex marketing strategies.


TITLE:  Pincérnő
ARTIST:  Val, Isabel
DURATION:  2 sec
DATE:  2016
EDITION:  1/100
  • digital video on a digital frame
The prices do not include the digital frame. Further info on frame costs HERE.