In her project, the artist reflects on the traditional Western European Catholic meaning of the Seven Deadly Sins and by placing them in the context of today’s virtual society and provide a reinterpretation. She has used ASMR videos (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), which are artificially generated brain stimulations shared on online video platforms and followed by millions of people worldwide to highlight these videos affect the pleasure center of our brain the same way as we experience the Seven Sins. This is how we can satisfy our desires virtually in the 21st century’s technology-based society without acting against the rules fixed by the Deadly Sins. In her videos, she represents each sin in ASMR style.

TITLE:  ASMR Series - The Seven Deadly Sins: Gula
ARTIST:  SzendrĹ‘, Veronika
DURATION:  52 sec
DATE:  2019
EDITION:  1/15
  • video installation