The photography series entitled 'Public Image' is a story of a virtual journey made with the help of Google Earth. Fictional portraits of cities following the book format of classical travel guides. The medium itself does not only have a documentary perspective, but also has a vision of the present through the eyes of a sociologist. Having been turned to black and white the pictures, now in negative, became homogeneous, which enabled them to convey a new meaning and highlight the universality of cities.

When in a digital frame, Public Image includes min. 3 photos in a slideshow. Therefore the price 600 EUR/185.000 HUF includes 3 works in a slideshow.


Public Image
TITLE:  Public Image
ARTIST:  Piti, Marcell
DATE:  2015
EDITION:  1/50
  • digital photo on a digital frame
  • printed digital photo A3
The prices do not include the digital frame. Further info on frame costs HERE.