In my work 1/0 the scope is the possibility of questioning the objective reality by reflecting to the physical reality experience through the processes taken place inside the human mind.

In the project I am using medical imaging modalities (CT, MRI, US) in an indirect way and scanning abstract or pre-defined physically not presented air entities in 3D, functioning as objective reality fragments. These dynamically changing objects reflecting to the superposition as during the scan process everything is continuously changing.

During the work I have visualized the DICOM stack elements as photographs and as video loops but also have segmented and reconstructed the models by creating immersive 3D objects. At the final phase I have used different 3D printing techniques (FDM & PolyJET) to create sculptures of the scanned objective reality air fragments.

The work of 1/0 reflects to the presence of non-perceptible realities by representing the complexity of decision-making situations.

// The project is a diploma work on Kaposvár University Photography M.A. course. //

TITLE:  1/0 CT Scanned Air #1
ARTIST:  Zoltán Vadászi
DURATION:  10 sec
DATE:  2019
  • digital video on a digital frame
The prices do not include the digital frame. Further info on frame costs HERE.