(a magyar változat elérhető itt)

Nowadays distancing is a term we are all getting familiar with. However, there has been a discussion on whether social distancing is the right wording for the avoidance of meeting in person. In contrast to social distancing for example David Crystal suggested using physical distancing, as social solidarity is of utmost importance now. In our present selection we would like to show different ways of how human beings had created distance from natural and artistic beauty as well as from each other before distancing became a buzzword. With a slower pace of life that we are having now we might also be closing, the appreciation of beauty and community may become more fundamental in our life again. 

Martinkó’s video series entitled ‘Ritual’ presents how human beings have distorted nature for their own purposes. His videos do so not only through their content, by showcasing examples, but also by using the technique of distortion. The disturbing visual effects of the video also have aesthetic values, which makes Martinkó’s view on human-nature relationship an unbiased, ambiguous one.

Szarvas’s work points out how pieces of art get devalued when they are used to express political dominance or when massive amount of visual culture overwhelms the viewer, and therefore focus is not placed onto the thorough interpretation and perception of an artwork. In his work the world of instagram and photoshop with an infinite number of processed photos is shown as parallel to the overcrowded walls of major museums demonstrating political power. In both cases the viewer’s experience with one artwork is limited, as there is not enough space and/or time given for the process.

Kirbas’s video demonstrates how human beings build walls against each other. By dressing the multiplied main character (himself) into black in front of black background the identicality of one and another is highlighted. The hand gestures act as a means of common communication (international sign language, which is often used in Kirbas’s works) as well as a barrier, which is built by people from their own body in between themselves.

With MyExhibition 4 we would like to show how far human beings had distanced themselves from each other, from nature and artistic beauty before today’s unusual lifestyle became a necessity.  The intention hidden behind is to suggest that the world’s current situation may reverse the process of getting further away from understanding each other, living close to nature and contemplating on art by pointing out the important role community, nature and art plays in our life and by teaching us focusing, concentrating again.

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hamza kirbas: I,You, S/He, We

digital video on 9" 4:3 digital frame, 2017, ed.3

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digital photo on 9" 4:3 digital frame, 2017, ed.50

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digital video on 9" 4:3 digital frame, 2016, ed.40

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