guided tour

24, October, 2018

art market budapest 2018

We participated at Art Market Budapest 2018 (HUN)

11 - 14, October, 2017

“what has always been conceived and signified under that name”

exhibition opening

28, September, 2018


exhibition opening

13, July, 2018


guided tour

29, June, 2018


exhibition opening

8, June, 2018


guided tour by bike

8, April, 2018

sound and light

Classical Music in the Gallery

30. March. 2018

mia photo fair milan

We participated at MIA Photo Fair, Milan (ITA)

9-12, March, 2018

groping in the dark

Exhibition opening

9, February, 2018

revolution of symbols

exhibition opening

15, November, 2017

art market budapest 2017

We participated at Art Market Budapest 2017 (HUN)

11 - 14, October, 2017


guided tour with screening

05 October, 2017

stop the music!

opening reception

08 September, 2017


guided tour

05 July, 2017



guided tour

23 June, 2017

outside the box

exhibition and gallery opening

26 May, 2017

gallery opening

MyMuseum is proud to present the exhibition space for the first time with the very first enterieur photo of the gallery :)

Also, we are so happy that we can finally introduce you to some of the great works by the artists of the gallery, Ákos Rajnai (projected video), Márk Martinkó (on a digital frame) and Isabel Val (print). 

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you here!